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As a CEO, your hands are full, ALL the time. It’s a constant stressful juggle between work and family
commitments and you keep wondering when it will all get a little easier.

I get it.
Ben Schoeman, founder and CEO of Business Game Changers

My name is Ben and I’ve been where you are. I was blessed to get serious business and subsequent organisational growth in two separate ventures – the success was insane. In my first venture, we went from serving and impacting 300 customers to 45 000 — a growth of 150X. They were served by a staff of 120 full-time staff and 900 volunteers in 34 locations in Southern Africa. It looked great on the outside. But on the inside our systems and ability to sustain this imploded.  After all the hard work the model crashed.  It felt terrible.  There was a gaping wound of disappointment unfulfilled by accomplishments.

I hit the reset button, hoping to do better the second time around. Within 8 years, I went from running it with one partner to having 80 staff members, growing the turnover by 40X. I had achieved exponential growth again. But my relationships with my family, especially my eldest son, were strained. The personal price I paid for success became too high and I was burning out yet again.

Success was somehow disappointing now.

I felt disillusioned.

Enter 10X business coaching.

I finally learned that it is possible to achieve business success without sacrificing my family and
myself in the process. After all, I was doing it to provide for my family. Like you, I wanted meaning,
satisfaction and fulfilment beyond numbers and money. I didn’t think I could have it without doing
more, faster, bigger, better.

It’s not true. (And hamster wheels kill you.)

You are not alone.

My team and I coach you from having experienced and overcome the stress, the mistakes and failures, the personal struggles you also feel. If success has become a kind of hell to bear, instead of a celebration, we want to help you change that.

You don’t need more knowledge or courses. Wisdom can make all the difference – knowledge correctly applied in YOUR situation.

At Business Game Changers, we coach you as a person, a business leader, and a visionary. Then, we also coach your team, guiding you on a practical, guaranteed path towards sustainable success.

You, your team, your business, and your family can thrive together if you’re willing to do the work.

The result? YOU own your business again. It no longer owns and consumes you.

Then, your business can also contribute more impact to the bigger picture. Extra satisfying.

Sound good?

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At Business Game Changers
we believe...

Children starving and being denied a quality education is an unacceptable injustice.

Parents with stable income to care for their household is the answer.

Our Vision for the World

A world where all families can afford good housing, food and schools.

We want to help parents create sustainable, successful, and inspiring businesses while having time with their families - whom business is for!

Our Purpose

Create employment opportunities that reduce poverty, increase potential, and empower people to make a difference.

Our Mission

Help Africa’s high-growth entrepreneurs 10X their companies and create jobs in the process.

Our Vision

We want to be the world’s best ‘on-the-job MBA’ for founders, to 10X their ability to scale without burning out.

Measurable Outcomes for our Vision

Our goal is to help 1500 business by 2030, to scale their size 10X, and to create and sustain 100 000 jobs.

Helping thousands of founders in Africa’s emerging markets to become great business leaders.

Thousands of those have gone on to create more than 50 jobs.
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